Jenny Gordon (jennygordon) wrote,
Jenny Gordon

Thursday Question

So, here's a poser for you.

In MoulderingBook, my MC badly wants to have killed her father. I badly want her to have killed her father.

If she did kill him, it was prior to the beginning of the story, and isn't central to the story's premise or plot — although there would obviously be a ripple-effect on her if she did. She has the motivation to do so, and it's kind of understandable that she might, given her reasons and the kind of person she is. Which is to say, she's a liar and a manipulator and an all-round charismatic stinker, but do I make her a murderer as well?

After all, this is a YA book. Albeit an upper-end YA story. As I've explained before, it's a Gothic, Poe-esque story set in a historical period that never really was, with sort-of Steampunk nuances, and Addams Family undertones. It's a fun sort of nasty, dark little romp.

I think I've worked out what I'm going to do, but I'm curious to hear your views. And it doesn't matter whether you're familiar with YA fiction or not I'm still interested.

So what do you reckon? Did she, or didn't she?
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